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Do you need money now? Are you looking for quick ways to make money? Then you are at the right adress. I have tried this techniques to make extra money and for a long period of trial and error method i found the best strategies to beat a casino and make quick money. I guarantee that you will earn MİNİMUM 100 euros per hour with using this systems about rulet and blackjack at online casinos. I have tried this systems at several online casinos and finally i found most trustworthy ones. I'm giving them to you too. There is no need to make intro much more. If you want to learn how to make quick money read through my articles and try them at casinos i recommend for free. As you see you really win, play with real money, win real and come back to thank me with donation button:) Have a nice day.

How to win at rulet?

Playing rulet at online casinos is the quickest way to make money in the world. If you use one of the rulet betting systems i give here you can easily win 100 euros per hour with MİNİMUM betting. I'm not joking. You can try this systems in the casinos i recommend for free and you will see with your own eyes. Just read more and learn the systems.
Red-Black Double Bet System
Although this system is quite simple it is extremely affective. First of all bet 1 euro to red and let the wheel turn. If you lose bet 2 euros to red again. If you lose again bet 4 euros to red again. Each time you lose double your bet to same color. If you win change color and start you bet with 1 euro again. With this system you always profit 1 euro when you win. You can ask now what if i lose several times in a row. Now lets look at its probability. In rulet if you bet one color your probability to win is 0,486 and probability to lose is 0,514. Lets calculate our losing probability 6 times in a row. 0,514^6 = 0,018. Lets look at our losing probability 7 times in a row. 0,514^7 = 0,0095. With 1 euro betting you can push your luck even 8 times. If you prefer 0,1 euro betting you can push it even 10 times!! But i have some advice for you. NEVER play more than 1 hour a day with this system. Because you earn too much in a short term and casinos may ban you as thinking of you are cheating. Some casinos banned my account because of that so i limited my earnings. But i have to say i did not experienced a situation like that in casino i recommended. Also you should start with 50 euros minimum if you'll play 1 euro bet and 50 euro max if you will play 0,1 euro bet.
Tripple Bet System
This rulet betting system is a combination of first system with a different starting bet and i prefer this system more often. In rulet table there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12 parts. If you bet this parts you you win 3 times of your bet. Now lets describe the system. First of all bet 1 euro to 1st 12 and 1 euro to 2nd 12. Your probability to win is 0,65. If you win no problem you profit 1 but if you lose start betting red or black with 4 euros and continue doubling each time you lose. When you win again start betting 1st 2nd or 3rd again. The main pro of this system is that you improve your chance to win at first round. And main con is when you lose you start doubling your bet with more money. You can try both systems in recommended casinos for FREE. After a few minutes you will see how easy and quick to make money.When you make good amount of money maybe you come back to my site and make a thanks comment under this article. Have a nice day good luck.


How to win at blackjack?

Blackjack(21) is a card game which players have the most chance to win against casinos. Not even knowing advanced blackjack strategies like card counting anyone can beat the casino with a good combination of basic blackjack strategy and a successful betting system. In this article i will mostly mention about basic strategy and a betting system because in online casinos decks are always being changed at every round.But i will also mention about counting cards for in case of going vegas.

Basic Blackjack Strategy
You can use basic strategy easily while playig online. Because as nobody checks you, you don't need to memorise the table below and you can take a look at it as long as you want while playing.


Blackjack Betting Strategy
Combine your basic strategy with doubling up your bets and your change to leave casino full of cash will extremely increase. Strategy is simple every time you lose next turn double your bet. For example first round you bet 1 euro and lose. Secon round bet 2 euros and lose. Third round bet 4 euros. If you win your profit will be 1 euro. With this betting system you will push your luck anywhere that you want to stop. I have tried this blackjack system the casinos that i recommended and i won good amount of cash. But i prefer rulet more because its profit is much more better in a short period and i don't suggest making play periods long in online casino as i mentioned in rulet strategy guide. You can try this system on my recommended casinos for free.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy: Card Counting
At a blackjack table when deck is changed or shuffled its value is "0". If cards that are opened are between 2-6 we increase deck's value to "+1". If cards that are opened are between 7-9 we don't change deck's value and if the ones that are opened are between 10-A we decrease decs' value "-1". So the player count cards and when the deck's value is very much he makes a huge bet. Because the more high value the bigger the cards firstly open will be. So player loses small bets but he knows when to win and that time he makes a big bet. This strategy does not a short term strategy. You have to spend huge time at a blackjack table to win huge money. Also as i mentioned before NEVER use this technique in an online casino because each round computer shuffles the deck.